By Brittani Harris, Digital PR Lead

1.86 billion.

That’s how many active Facebook users there are to date.

So what does this mean for marketers? In case you had any doubts about marketing your business on Facebook, you shouldn’t. It is the largest social network by far and has been the default choice for advertisers. Any why not?! Social media has proven to be more effective than traditional media. One defining metric that defines the better option between traditional media and social media is cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The goal of any advertiser should be to reach as many relevant people as possible at the lowest cost and Facebook is the only form of media that can expose you to over 1,000 people for less than $5.

While it is the more cost effective, it isn’t always easy to navigate or read the analytics. If you have spent any time working on a social media campaign, reach and impression are two terms you are no stranger to hearing. While it is very easy to group them together, they do have their own definitions and if you want to measure the results of your social media campaigns correctly, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Reach. Simply put, REACH is the number of people who see your content. On Facebook, reach measures how your content is spread across the platform. If you work in social media, you have high hopes that every single one of your followers sees your published content or ads, but unfortunately they don’t. Reach is a measurement of your effective audience, those unique people who see your content.

Impression. In the world of social media IMPRESSION means that content was delivered to someone’s feed. The viewer doesn’t have to engage with the post in order for it to count as an impression. So, when designing your ad be sure to think of what type of “impression” your ad will make. Your first impression makes a difference and could be a determining factor in whether or not the viewer clicks on your post.

While it is natural to get excited when you see you’ve received a lot of impressions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that many people saw your ad. One person can have multiple impressions on the same piece of content.  For example, if you have 200 followers and your ad reached 200 people with 200 impressions, that means your 200 followers saw your ad. Now, say you have 200 followers and your ad reached 200 people with 400 impressions, that means every single one of your followers has seen your post twice.

If it is still confusing, think of it like this, reach is the number of people who have seen your content while impressions are the total number of times the people you’ve reached have seen your content. 


By: Krista Conlin Robinson, President / Founder

As long as I can remember I knew I would own my own business. The when, how and what wasn’t always so clear.

The public relations light turned on in my world while working towards my M.B.A. (way back when). However, it didn’t fully manifest until years later. In 2011, the inevitable came to fruition; I started KC Projects PR.

Sure, I was scared, but that fear lit a fire in me. I was confident in my abilities, thrilled for the opportunity, grateful for my supporters and excited to embrace the challenge. Once the firm was up and running, I knew owning a PR firm is what I was born to do!

Fast forward to 2017 and I am extremely proud of the accomplishments KC Projects has made, the team we have built, the relationships we cherish and the clients we represent.

Don’t get me wrong…PR isn’t easy. However, the pros outweigh the cons. It is true that PR is not for the faint of heart and yes it does typically land on the “most stressful” jobs lists. Personally, after I realized I enjoyed turning rejection into challenges, I was meant for the fast-pace, my DNA speaks PR and was a tad-bit crazy (requirement in our industry), there was no turning back. With any job there are challenges but for me there are so many more fantastic reasons to be a publicist and work in the PR field.

Here are 15 reasons why I love what we do:

1. Get to tell stories

2. Never a dull moment

3. Making an impact

4. Get to work with interesting companies, brands and people

5. Enjoy challenges

6. Seeing results

7. Team collaboration

8. Solving problems is satisfying

9. Socializing is part of the job

10. Working out your brain every day

11. Never stop learning

12. Flex creative muscles

13. Perks are real

14. We are professional stalkers and proud of it

15. PR really does matter

We have the opportunity to communicate with so many people – from media to clients and partners of companies to internally with team members and management at all levels. We become networkers to the highest level always developing out the latest “who you know” network, which can be priceless not only in business, but also in life.

Every single day in the world of PR is a workout. Seriously, our brains are ALWAYS on and we are ALWAYS connected. The profession sounds intense (and it is), but it raises me up! It keeps my mind opened and the creativity flowing. It pushes me to be better professionally and personally. It is hard work that brings great satisfaction. 

In PR, our team has the opportunity to work with some incredible individuals. They are leaders, innovators, decision makers, and entrepreneurs. They trust us with their brand. They inspire me as a business owner, they empower me as leader, and the best part of it all - I get to call these clients friends. 

At KC Projects the end goal is results but our first priority is to achieve complete trust with and for our clients. We work with the highest integrity of pushing their brand, their product, their message forward.

Doing PR for over 14 years has opened the door to great opportunities but most of all it is the interesting people that have crossed my path who inspire me most. Every day I am growing in every sense, as a publicist, as a worker, as a boss, as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother and as a person. My “who you know” network is ever-evolving. I couldn’t be more excited to where it will take me or who it will introduce me to next. This is why I chose PR or better yet PR chose me!



By Daley Henson, KC Projects Summer 2017 intern

In the past two months that I’ve been interning at KC Projects PR, so many friends have asked questions about my first steps into the real world. From the sleek office vibes to the clients we work with, interning at KC Projects is just as cool as it looks. The question that I get asked most often is, “what does your typical day look like?” So here I am with details on my day-to-day activities, to give insight into why interning with KC Projects PR is unlike any other opportunity.

9 AM: To start my day, I catch up on news and see what’s trending on social media. In between sips of my first cup of coffee, it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (usually in that order). My favorite email newsletter, The Skimm, makes it easier to keep up with the headlines.

Upon arrival to the office, I check in with our intern supervisor, Lacey Rae, and recap my completed tasks. I’ll also check out my to-do list for the day and get started. If it’s short, I make note of what others are working on and follow up to see if I can help out. There are two other amazing interns working with me, and we each have assigned clients to focus on this summer.

10:45 AM: Write, edit and repeat. Between social content, email blasts and blog posts, my keyboard gets a workout. I usually spend mornings writing or scheduling social content for my assigned clients. The feeling when that perfect caption comes to you is priceless! I often switch between multiple clients and industries, so brand voice differentiation is key.

At KC Projects, planning ahead for content is always our strategy. Every photo or video executed for clients started in a brainstorming session with plenty of caffeine or La Croix. As a long-term planner, I love creating content calendars and finding any excuse for a weird holiday. For example, Full Moon Bar-B-Que is celebrating National Hot Dog Day with their Moon Dogs!

12 PM: Time to eat! Just one of my favorite things about KC Projects is the prime location in Homewood. Local favorites like Urban Cookhouse, Real & Rosemary and Slice Pizza (one of our clients!) are all just a short drive away. I usually meet a friend for a quick lunch date.

1:30 PM: Intern Classes are when account executives at KC Projects invest in us, teaching practices or methods that we may not have experienced yet outside the classroom. These intern classes are a source of valuable wisdom, and have taught me so much about agency life already! I’m confident that the skills we’re learning (and engaging now) will carry into my career. Some of my favorite classes have focused on digital content and media pitching.

3 PM: After lunch, I finish up any morning tasks I didn’t quite get around to finishing. Then I’ll take a look at the rest of the week: are there any blog posts I need to write (hello!)? Am I on track to finish a project on time? There’s never a shortage of things to do or help out with.

5 PM: As the day starts to wind down, I usually spend my afternoon researching articles for our clients. I also check the calendar for the next few days to see if there are any upcoming events. Finally, I wrap up a few e-mails, check in with account executives and head home for the day.

This definitely isn’t the usual summer internship. You’re not running to get coffee or just watching from the sidelines. Interns are deep in content development and strategy, with major campaigns and projects to complete. There’s also no such thing as a “typical” day in the life at KC Projects, but that’s the best thing about working in a public relations agency. As Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”


The Public Relations / Communications Specialist will play an integral role developing, executing and evaluating strategic communication plans for traditional PR and digital PR initiatives for assigned clients.

This role is a fully proficient, seasoned specialist who can work independently but thrives in a team based environment.

Candidates should be strategic thinkers for multiple brands in the PR and Social Media space combined with managing and motivating a team. This position requires a great communicator (written and oral) across multiple platforms. This person will develop public relations opportunities for selected clients relating to new business, strategy, news and successes with the goal of promoting the client(s) to their targeted audiences with the best messaging. Did we mention STRONG written skills is a must!

Exceptional project management skills, as well as highly organized, strong communicator, client-centric, and strong attention to detail/follow-through are essential. OH YEAH, and strong writer for the win!

 Public Relations

  •  Lead daily contact / management between the agency and assigned client accounts

  • Meets and communicates with assigned clients regularly both in person and electronically including weekly status calls/meetings as appropriate. Maintains ongoing monthly status report for each assigned client.

  • Build and implement targeted editorial and PR campaigns for multiple client accounts

  •  Copywriting & Distribution: press releases, bylined articles, keynote presentation, bios, backgrounders, newsletters

  • Develop compelling narratives and tailor to engage and delight audiences

  • Drafting talking points for client speaking and presentation opportunities

  • Proactively develop and maintain relationships with media and 3rd party client-related constituencies

  • Develop and manage strategic public relations plans for multiple client accounts

  • Identify and organize client appearances

  • Serve as representative and advocate for client brands at networking and industry events associated with the client

  • Compile and analyze research data; Research top influencers, competitors, and trends in clients’ industries

Digital Media

  • Promote client news, articles, client successes and case studies

  • Communicate with client stakeholders through multiple social platforms

  • Create timely and engaging content optimized for platform used and intended audience

  • Develop and monitor social strategy for multiple clients

  •  Create engaging and professional visuals that reflect clients and their brand

  • Assist in developing paid media strategies to optimize performance on Facebook and Instagram

  • Track, analyze and report on social media metrics

Qualifications / Skills

  • 3+ years agency / public relations experience (at PR agency or in-house)

  •  Experience managing a team of PR and/or Social Media team members

  •  Proven success with PR and Social Media campaign management

  • Passion for knowledge of all things PR and understanding of social media execution

  •  Must have exceptional writing and communication skills

  • Experience in social media platforms for business (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

  •  Strong presentation skills

  • Self-motivated go-getter with a positive attitude

  • Active team player with commitment to excellence and ensuring client satisfaction

  • Exhibits strong attention to detail and organization

  • Deadline-oriented and shows initiative in taking on new tasks and projects

  • Is able to seek out information and solutions to problems

  •  Experience with Cision, or another PR content marketing software a plus

  • Values align with KC Projects core values

Apply to:


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.29.04 AM.png

KC Projects PR is looking for PR interns to start for the upcoming season. We are looking for candidates who are extremely organized, motivated, and hard-working. Candidates must have great interpersonal and phone skills, be able to adapt to a fast paced working environment. We appreciate a passion for presentation, social media and creativity. You should have a college-level understanding of communications and the desire to learn more about the PR industry. Knowledge of Word and Excel are required.

Roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Assisting with general daily administrative duties

  • Relationship building and networking with colleagues, clients, and the media

  • Working as part of an account team to implement media plans

  • Creating media lists

  • Researching and writing press releases

  • Tracking print, broadcast, and new media for ideas and coverage

  • Assisting in the strategic development of PR plans for all clients

  • Preparing press kits, which include bios, fact sheets, menus, recipes, press clips, and photos

  • Updating press kits as necessary, tracking and creating clips

  • Working with images, including reducing size, cropping, and lightening

  • Scanning and archiving editorial placements

*Needed 2 to 3 days per week. Hours are flexible; however, interns must be available a minimum of 15 hours per week. Internship is unpaid.

Please apply by sending resume to: