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By: Krista Conlin Robinson, President / Founder

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping clients and employees happy, quality control and basic day-to-activities keep you on the go!

While you focus on your core business duties, it is also important to have a public relations professional readily available to you. Whether that is internal or you hire an external PR firm, getting your company’s message out there is crucial to ongoing success. 

The right PR professional or team of publicists is an important , yet often overlooked, aspect of business. A good PR professional will work diligently and stealthily to achieve the purpose and goals of your practice. 

The landscape of PR is diverse and the disciplines are wide-ranging. What was yesterday’s PR has a new and improved strategic skillset. Gone are the days of solely writing and distributing news releases followed up by a media pitch. While this process is very important and still relevant, adding in the creative elements to support the message increases success rates of placements. 

Today’s PR includes content creation, corporate communications, events, executive coaching, internal communications, media relations, social media, reputation management, and so much more. Job descriptions include an array of talents such as strategic communications, writing and creativity, research, social media integration, presentations, and project development. 

At KC Projects PR, we specialize in leveraging the benefits of public relations for the success of our clients. There are plenty of reasons why a company should work with a PR firm but a few of the leading reasons for our practice include: 

  • Targeted Messaging – You get to take the offense of telling your story to your targeted and priority markets through the preferred platforms.

  • Increase Exposure – You will be placed directly in the spotlight. PR teams utilize connections with influencers and media to reach your intended audience. 

  • Compete with your Competitors – There has never been a more ‘noisy’ marketplace than there is today. Your competitors are promoting, posting, sharing, publishing. If you are not being quoted in the press you are losing market share by losing the limelight. 

  • Build Brand Recognition – This is a marathon not a sprint but the overall long term effects of media visibility grow over time. 

  • Stay Relevant – If you stop talking then you are no longer talked about and thus no longer relevant. 

  • Increase Engagement – The right public relations strategy can improve your business or products outcome by increasing exposure that results in sales or leads. 

  • Recruit Talent – Many companies hire a public relations firm with the objective to not only attract new clients but also prospective employees. With the right messaging a PR firm will establish your business as a thought leader which is attractive to the best and the brightest. With PR, you can cultivate a reputation of THE best place to work. 

  • Retention of Current Team – A strong, positive public relations plan can end up boosting employee morale. Social media campaigns create a sense of pride and camaraderie. 

  • Manage Reputation – A carefully crafted PR strategy brings clarity to your vision and brand identity which will in turn help carry your message across your PR and digital efforts. Hiring a PR firm provides you with a constant guide for situations and a trustworthy third-person, objective point of view. 

At the end of the day the question lies in WHO not IF your company has a need for Public Relations. Whether you bring someone in house or decide to outsource the job to a PR agency, your firm will greatly benefit by selecting the right person or team for the job.