By: Molly Walsh, KC Prōjects Fall 2018 Intern

Podcasts are the greatest things you probably never knew you needed in your life. I’m sure a friend or a family member has told you a million times to check out this podcast and that podcast and you are so overwhelmed you just stick to the same old music you always listen to. It’s time for a revolution, a rebirth and a renewal for your ears and your mind. It’s time to start listening to podcasts.

2018 was the year of podcasts, Apple music has over 500,000 active podcasts with 18.5 million episodes in over 100 languages. According to, podcast listeners are typically highly educated and thoughtful people. I love podcasts because I can learn, laugh or ponder the meaning of life while doing everything I normally do such as cleaning up around the house or driving to work. You feel like these people are your friends, telling you about their week or updating you on the news and frankly, the information comes in handy more than you would think. Stimulate your brain and switch up your daily routine with these 5 amazing podcasts.

  1. Girls Gotta Eat

This podcast is hosted by two comedians living in New York City just looking for love, some sanity and a good pizza. Rayna Greenberg is the brains behind the popular instagram account @onehungryjew and Ashley Hesseltine is the founder of @brosbeingbasic and @fashiondads_, which are also popular Instagram accounts. The girls talk about dating and relationships as the basis of each episode, but every new one has a unique twist to it. They often include guests that range from NFL players to fellow comedians and doctors.

What I love about this podcast is that every episode brings something new to the table, but the hosts are always hilarious, which is the kind of consistency that I think we can all appreciate. I recommend listening to this if you are going to be in the car for an hour or so because it makes it feel as if you are riding with a couple of friends just chatting away. You’ll laugh, you might cry and you’ll learn something new. Will it be profound? Chances of that are low. But let me tell you one more time - it. will. be. FUNNY!

2.) The Daily

This podcast is published by a little something called The New York Times, ever heard of it? Hope so. This show is hosted by Michael Barbaro and it selects the most important news story of the day and breaks it down for you piece by piece, twenty minutes a day, five days a week. Want to stay updated on the most relevant headlines so your co-workers and peers think you’re more well-read than you actually are? This is the podcast for you. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s informative and you need to incorporate it into your life.

What I love about this podcast is how they often have amazing insights from credible sources on every topic. I don’t know how they do it, but these podcasts are some of the most well-planned news recaps I have ever heard. I like to turn this on while I’m getting ready in the morning to feel “in the know” before I start my day or in the car on the way home to get a recap of anything I missed in the realm of news.

3.) Thick & Thin

Blogger, YouTuber, L’Oreal employee and overall influencer. Katy Bellotte recently began a podcast with just herself and the microphone and let me tell you- listening to this is wonderful. Yes, I said wonderful. This recent college-graduate living in New York City by herself is just trying to figure IT out and I love trying to keep up. By “it” I mean relationships, work, New York and society’s expectations. Bellotte turns fears and failures into relatable antidotes and successes into admirable tales of triumph. She’s smart, poetic and touching.

What I love about this podcast is how relatable it is. If you are a young adult or an adult at all, this feels like your older sister is giving you her best and most honest advice. I learn a lot from her too whether it be new books to pick up, tips and tricks on how to thrive while living alone or just how to get by. Katy has us all covered, through thick & thin.

4.) Stuff You Should Know

This is quite literally a podcast about stuff you should know. Hosts, Josh and Chuck, will keep you in the know on everything from the definition of dark matter to who Rosa Parks was. This podcast is light, easy and educational without feeling like you’re back in the dreaded classroom. The thing is- every episode really is about stuff we should know and by turning it on in the background of chores or errands, we learn without trying which is always great.

What I love about this podcast is that it acknowledges that humans don’t retain as much information as they should. People have a tendency to practice a concept called selective exposure which can lead to selective attention and selective retention. Basically, we choose what we want to see or hear and then we choose whether or not we remember it based on our level of interest regarding the topic. You should know who Rosa Parks is though, okay? Listen to an episode or two and figure it out.

5.) Gals on the Go

If you are anything like me you are probably wary of influencers at this point. They are everywhere, their photos are way too filtered and they can’t stop talking about getting 20% off HelloFresh using their code. It can get to be too much and the content that was once helpful, such as a YouTube video on ways to be productive or a morning routine, can now feel like one long advertisement for a sponsored product. Gals on the Go is a podcast created by two students from the University of Georgia, Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan, who are successful YouTubers. Their videos are full of endorsements and I can’t stand watching them anymore, but the podcast they created together is where their actual content goes to thrive.

Do yourself a favor and SKIP their videos but listen to their podcast because what I love about it is that these women cover everything from dinner recipes to productivity and travel tips to new workouts they tried so you don’t have to. It’s great, it feels like you’re listening to a friend and is relatable and helpful even if you are no longer a student yourself.

6.) BONUS PODCAST: The Bitch Bible

This is hands down one of the best wastes of my time that I partake in and i’m proud of it. The Bitch Bible is hosted by Jackie Schimmel and you may be asking yourself - who is that? That is exactly the point. She is just another person in the world who does nothing all that relevant or helpful besides being married to a music producer who writes songs for Niall Horan (RIP One Direction). Jackie tells it like it is though because she has nothing to lose and it’s wonderful, if you want to hear a bored twenty-something roast you for buying faux pumpkins at Home Goods or talk about the Desperate Housewives in a depth you never knew existed then this is the podcast for you.

What I love about this podcast is that her stories of past nights out that ended in disaster or her irrational fear of birds or her close, personal relationship with her grandmother are hilarious and refreshing. If you want to feel like you’re attending a stand up comedy show about nothing, while you drive to work in the morning then turn this on and thank me later.