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Your Fuel. Delivered. 

FuelFox is an app-based onsite fuel-delivery service providing a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to fill up personal vehicles and commercial fleets. Gas stations are a problem in this country that has not been addressed since the first gas station opened in 1913.  They waste time, are inconvenient, unsafe, unclean, and unhealthy.  FuelFox is the solution. 

FuelFox was founded in the summer of 2018 by Alabama native Ben Morris who believes that there is a better way of filling-up. FuelFox gives its members the one thing that we all need more of, and that is time. Time is truly the only scarce commodity, so we should use our time wisely.

Through the FuelFox app, users can quickly become registered members of FuelFox. Once registered, members easily schedule future gas tank fill-ups with FuelFox. In addition to filling-up the vehicle, FuelFox drivers (better known as “Ambassadors”) also clean front windshields, check tire treads, gauge tire pressure and notify the member of any potential issues with their vehicle.  FuelFox offers the amenities of a full-service gas station at self-service pricing.  

FuelFox also offers fuel delivery to commercial fleets during the day, evening, or weekend hours to reduce expenses and increase productivity. Benefits of the service include: recouping a significant number of labor hours each month, eliminating fleet downtime, minimizing vehicle wear, reducing risk of theft or improper fueling, and providing detailed tracking of fuel consumption and expense.  

Safety is of the highest importance within the FuelFox culture. FuelFox drivers (better known as Ambassadors) are  firefighters who have extensive training in hazardous materials.  FuelFox is an adequately insured, safe, and licensed fuel retailer meeting all EPA, DOT, fire and air quality requirements.

So FuelFox wants to know: How much is your time worth?

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