By: Elizabeth Summers, Summer Intern 2018

Cision, a software utilized by public relations professionals to easily detect key influencers, communicate strategic content and measure impressions, has announced a new feature. Cision, known for a collection of lifesaving features, has exceeded standards once again with their new Social Influencer Discovery Tool. 

What is Cision?

Cision is an online program that allows due-paying members to distribute press releases to a customized list of journalists and bloggers compiled in a database. Members can filter media contacts by keyword, job role, contact location, outlet location and more. Once contacts are filtered and media lists are composed, press releases are disseminated. Cision reports analytics that measure earned media coverage and campaign success. Translated analytics can produce insight for communicators to determine the effectiveness of a message or strategy. 

What is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is an individual that uses social media platforms to establish credibility in a certain field. With the increased popularity and fast progression of social media, social media influencers have gained considerable dominance. Influencers generally have many followers which can directly correlate with power. 

The New Social Influencer Discovery Tool: Why do we need it?

A common obstacle among the public relations field is the uneven ratio of journalists versus public relations professionals. It increases competition greatly and makes it difficult for professionals to receive coverage, hence the conception of Cision’s new Social Influencer Tool. 

Cision’s breakthrough feature recreated the way public relations professionals distribute information. Cision is the only platform allowing individuals to identify and target social media influencers and traditional media contacts simultaneously. This feature significantly expands the audience reach of campaigns due to social media influencers’ impact on their followers through social networking. 

Additionally, aligning campaign marketing points with a specific social influencer is simple yet yields success. For example, a press release featuring a new protein shake would interest a fitness blogger. If the blogger is intrigued, they can disseminate information to their trusting followers and expand the reach of the campaign significantly. 

Social media has developed and warped all aspects of public relations. It has opened a whole realm of digital branding and marketing, creating a hole between traditional public relations and digital public relations. With this new feature, Cision has created a way to incorporate traditional and digital public relations effortlessly.