Getting Down to Business in 2019

By: Krista Conlin Robinson, KCP President & CEO


It is a new year and with a new year it is the time to get motivated, invigorated, organized, fit and focused! As an ongoing practice, we should all continuously and consciously work to improve our own career crafts by changing and advancing with the respective industries.

You know the obvious must-do’s: better time management, improved conversions, increased sales, increase focus and engagement, etc. Since we all already know (and hopefully aim) to do those ‘obvious’ goals, I’d like to take this article in a different direction.

Here are few ways to sharpen your skills and get down to business in 2019:

 · Become Self-Aware – If seeing what others see of you is difficult, then ask people that you trust and who are sincerely interested in your success how they perceive you and what you see as your skills. Self-awareness and vulnerability have become assets, not weaknesses.

· Embrace Change – There is no constant in business and if there is a constant, then something is wrong. One of the most important soft skills you can develop is your ability to adapt. Employers look for people who are nimble, flexible and open to trying new things. Be curious and embrace the unexpected.

· Emotional Intelligence – This skill is the ability to recognize, understand and manage your own emotions (and others) when under pressure. Communicate with empathy and confidence when a crisis occurs. Build relationships with clients, customers and colleagues. Work to understanding one’s own reactions and triggers and managing others.

· Nonverbal communication – Your IQ may be top of the class but it is your nonverbal communications skills that project self-confidence and help deliver your expertise effectively. You need an executive presence to become a trusted advisor, publicist, manager, leader. This includes body language, hand gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, focus, and overall attire.

Your career today is an investment in your future. Incorporate these suggested skills into your professional goals for 2019 and your will be better prepared long term.