KCP Approved Team Bonding Activities

By: Molly Dance, Public Relations Coordinator


The best thing a company can do to create synergy, is for its staff to bond. Nothing is better than coming to work at a place where you know your colleagues on, not only a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Our team at KC Projects PR has made it our New Year’s resolution to spend quality time together outside of the office. When planning any team activity, the important thing to remember is to get people out of their comfort zones, to have everyone be in the moment and, of course, to have FUN!

 Below are five activities to do with your coworkers to create a bond outside of office small talk that are 100% KCP-approved!

 1.     Happy Hour- This is the best place to start. Pick one night a month to leave the office and head to happy hour! Happy hour is a nice break in your weekly routine and can even help you avoid driving home during rush hour. With everyone in a relaxed setting, it makes it easier for people to open up and get to know one another.

KCP Tip: Try to go to a happy hour that is hosting trivia or karaoke. Double the activities, double the fun, double the team bonding .

 2.     Exercise- After a stressful day at work, it feels good to blow off some steam at the gym. Grab your coworkers and check out a new workout class! Most gyms and workout studios have a guest pass and they are perfect to try out with your colleagues. 55 minutes of hard work and fun can lead to bonding that will carry over to the work place.  

KCP Tip: Try out each-other’s favorite fitness activity. They can be your witness!

 3.     Take a Class- Learning is good for the brain and fun when you’re learning alongside others! Try a cooking or Take a Pint & Paint class with your colleagues one day after work. This is a fun way to learn a new skill while challenging yourself with your coworkers. We took a wine blending class this week as a team and it was not only fun, but very educational. 6 new Birmingham sommeliers coming your way!

KCP Tip: Become the ultimate renaissance woman by learning the new and popular skill of cookie decorating. Schedule a class with our personal favorite cookie artist @janicedcookies!  

Classes by Kessler- Wine Blending Class  GRAND BOHEMIAN HOTEL MOUNTAIN BROOK

Classes by Kessler- Wine Blending Class GRAND BOHEMIAN HOTEL MOUNTAIN BROOK

 4.     Dinner- One dinner a month can be very beneficial to employees. Leaving the office to spend time together can change the dynamic of a group and allow people to open up to each other. Everyone bonds over food, am I right?

KCP Tip: Try the newest restaurant in town that no one has been to yet!

 5.     TV Night- Grab a bottle of wine and the remote for a chill but fun night with your fellow employees. Start on the latest Netflix series or indulge in some reality TV. Here at KC Projects, we bond over anything and everything BACHELOR!

KCP Tip: Have each staff member host a ‘TV Night’ at their house! It’s a good way to see what your colleagues are like in their natural habitat.

Happy Bonding!!!