Benefits of a Work from Home Day

By: Samantha Jarman, PR Executive


Being in the office from 9-5 with your coworkers, your cluttered desk and daily gallon of coffee is the norm “work day”. Recently, many studies have proven that taking a Work from Home Day serves many benefits for not only the employee but also the employer and company. Check out a few of these benefits below:

 Saves Money

When you work from home you save money by eating your meals at home instead of picking up that $5 Starbucks latte on the way to work then the $12 salad for lunch. There is also no need to pay for babysitters, dog walkers or daycare when you are staying home for the day. Even the gas money saved to get to and from the office can add up. Meanwhile, your employer and company is able to save money when you are working from home instead of eating all of the company snacks and using up the company office supplies!

 Increases Productivity

A Stanford University study found that employees who take “work from home days” are 13 percent more productive compared with their in-office counter parts. Without office distractions and gossipy coworkers, employees have the freedom to get more done. A nationwide survey stated that 86 percent of workers said working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity. Whether you are working from your bed or at home office, you are more likely to be more focused and in turn, more productive. 

 Provides Balance in Life and Schedule

Taking a “work from home” day adds to something every hard-working professional strives for: A work/life balance. When you are able to take a day away from the office to do your laundry while you work or spend quality time with your pet in between conference calls, you are able to feel a sense of balance in your home life and work life. Being able to make your own schedule on work from home days to go to doctor appointments or run way overdo errands benefits your employer and company by not having to work around your personal responsibilities on in-office days. A Stanford study showed workers who took work from home days reported shorter breaks and fewer sick days.

 Increases Happiness

As mentioned in the previous benefit, work/life balance is something everyone is taking about these days and there is no better way to improve this than taking a day to work from home. A Stanford professor reported that employees who achieved this work/life balance by taking work from home days reported higher job satisfaction. Employees who take work from home days are able to cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: meaningful work and being happy doing it.