How to Create a Successful Instagram Aesthetic

By: Katie Campbell, Summer 2019 Intern

1.     Choose your Theme.

a.     Before you start to build your dream Instagram aesthetic, you have to pick your theme! Are you going for a sporty or a girly vibe? Maybe you’re really into blue and want to incorporate that into every single one of your posts? Whatever it is, choose how you want your feed to look and target every photo towards that look or theme! Most importantly, your theme should match you, your personality, and your personal brand!

2.     Apps, Apps, Apps!

a.     Editing: Once you’ve chosen our theme, it’s important that your photos match the look! My ‘ride-or-die’ editing apps are Lightroom Mobile, Tezza, and VSCO. Lightroom has so many options and ways to edit your photos and is by far the most advanced out of the 3 options. Best part is, it’s free unlike the desktop version! You can even create and save your own presets, which is the perfect way to make all of your photos look great together in your feed!

Tezza and VSCO are both apps with presets already made for you! They each have some free presets and subscriptions options that you can buy to get access to so many more options! These apps are great for quick and easy photo editing!

b.     Planning: UNUM and Planoly are my two favorite apps for planning out an Instagram feed. The amazing thing about these apps is that you are able to see what the photo you want to post will look like with your feed. This helps to prevent you from posting a photo that will ruin the aesthetic of your page! But, don’t forget -- your content should represent you and your brand. You shouldn’t post something JUST because it matches your feed!

**Pro-tip: Planoly is extra great because it lets your schedule your posts and stories straight from the app! Not to mention, it’s free!

3.     Don’t Forget about Highlights!

a.     Instagram Story Highlights are a great way to put your favorite “stories” into categories and give your followers a look into other parts of your life or business that they don’t see on your feed. It is important, though, to make sure that the covers of your highlights match the theme that you have chosen for your page. For example, if your theme is cool toned photos with bright whites, you want to make sure that your highlights are cool toned with bright whites as well. One of my favorite tricks for highlights is to use a color palette! This not only ensures that your highlights will match your feed, but also that your highlights will match each other! Here’s is an example of this tip in action!


4.      Caption Goals

a.     Yes, there is even a way to personalize your captions! One of my favorite things to do is use keyboard symbols or fun fonts in my captions to add a personal touch! This allows you to emphasize certain aspects of your caption or just make your caption a little bit more fun! All you have to do to change your font is download a font changing app, type in your phrase, and copy it in your favorite font! There are also tons of apps and websites with hundreds of keyboard symbols from stars to arrows to lightning bolts! These can be used to jazz up any caption and let you add your personal touch!