By: Lindsey Mays, Social Media Manager, KC Projects PR

In today’s world we are surrounded by distractions – from HQ Trivia alerts to a never-ending stream of Slack notifications it can sometimes be difficult to turn down the noise to focus on work. Luckily for you, we have developed the ultimate office playlists to cut through the distractions and ramp up your productivity! 

Naturally nature: 

According to researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, adding tunes that incorporate natural sounds can enhance your mood and improve focus. Become one with nature and turn on these soothing sounds here

Keep it classical: 

Classical music is also a great go-to playlist choice! One of the most frequently cited studies related to music and productivity is the "Mozart Effect," which concluded that listening to Mozart for even a brief period each day can boost "abstract reasoning ability." Treat your ears to these classical hits and watch your productivity soar here

Turn it up: 

Sometimes, classical and nature sounds just won't do. That's when you pull out the big guns and crank up the jams! These types of songs put you in the mood to take on the day and be your absolute best. Next time you're looking to feel empowered before a big presentation, interview, or salary review, check out this playlist here

Good for the SOUL:

Feeling down? Buried under what seems like an unsurmountable email queue? Whatever is bringing you down, sometimes all it takes is a good song to put you right back on top. Music can stimulate the same part of the brain as delicious food and other pleasures. In 2013 the Journal of Positive Psychology cited a study finding that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their spirits and boost their happiness in just two weeks. Let the good vibes roll and listen to this mood-boosting playlist here

Tom Petty once said, “Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's pure and it's real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things.”  While not all people will respond the same to these playlists, one is sure to spark your imagination and increase your efficiency!



By: Elizabeth, Bethany, & Victoria, Summer Interns 2018

During our last week with KC Projects PR, we were asked to list the things we wish I would have known before entering the professional world. Applying for internships, and moving into the business world from the college lifestyle is hard so here is our list of things to help students feel more prepared. 

  • Try to always make your mornings count. Although it may be tempting to lay in bed until last minute, get up and exercise, make breakfast, drink coffee, or do whatever gets you prepared for the day. You will be much more energized and prepared to take on the day.

  • Start transitioning your wardrobe weeks/months in advance from college attire to professional dress. It can be overwhelming to try and buy an entire professional wardrobe in a short period of time, Next time you are out shopping, keep an eye out for work appropriate clothing and start picking up a few items here and there. That way, you have one less thing to stress over when your graduate and/or get your first internship.

  • Start building your resume early. Start developing your resume as soon as you enter college so by the time you are graduating you will have a fully developed resume that you are proud to send out. You will thank yourself later!

  • If you don’t know how to send an professional email, learn now. This is something you should have under your belt before you begin applying for job interviews, internships, etc. You will email constantly and it’s important to be professional while doing so.

  • Building relationships with employers is so important. Always remain professional and never skip an event/opportunity to meet with an employer.

  • Develop and practice your elevator pitch, Identify strengths and weaknesses, have an interesting fun fact about yourself that stands out. 

  • Surround yourself with people of similar goals and work ethic. 

  • Join clubs in your major. Go to club meetings and interact with other students/teachers in your major. This is a great and easy way to make connections that could potentially end in an interview/internship/job. 

  • It’s said all the time, but after graduating college (or before applying for internships) it is so important to do a social media purge. Things that college aged kids post on their social media accounts don’t always translate well with future employers and most adults. Making albums private on Facebook is a thing, use it! 

  • For college students there are FREE resources on campus that will help you with a resume and cover letter. This is the last time you might have the opportunity to have free professional help on two things that are so important to your career. It would be insane not to take advantage of this opportunity. 

  • Before accepting your first job know that you can negotiate your salary, and should ask about insurance and benefits before accepting a job. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.




As Public Relations & Communication Specialist for KC Projects, Liz Rodell strives to learn the client’s story and communicate it an innovative way that amplifies the client’s strengths and vision. With her thirst for a challenge, Liz approaches the clients’ needs with a creative perspective and strategic mind that allows for maximum results.

Liz is a Toronto native who graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Relations.  Her professional career led her further south to Birmingham, where she gained experience in communicating the story for retail brands, restaurants and nonprofits. This exposure allows her to tailor a public relations strategy for each client, combining traditional public relations tactics with new media.

When Liz isn’t working, she can be found nurturing relationships and exploring the city. She currently leads a small group through Church of Highlands and is always eager to try Birmingham’s thriving culinary scene. Liz’s affection for chocolate never fails to help her enjoy a good workout. Ultimately, her love for people and thirst for ingenuity inspires her to produce fruitful results and strong connections. 




By: Krista Conlin Robinson, President / Founder

As long as I can remember I knew I would own my own business. The when, how and what wasn’t always so clear.

The public relations light turned on in my world while working towards my M.B.A. (way back when). However, it didn’t fully manifest until years later. In 2011, the inevitable came to fruition; I started KC Projects PR.

Sure, I was scared, but that fear lit a fire in me. I was confident in my abilities, thrilled for the opportunity, grateful for my supporters and excited to embrace the challenge. Once the firm was up and running, I knew owning a PR firm is what I was born to do!

Fast forward to 2017 and I am extremely proud of the accomplishments KC Projects has made, the team we have built, the relationships we cherish and the clients we represent.

Don’t get me wrong…PR isn’t easy. However, the pros outweigh the cons. It is true that PR is not for the faint of heart and yes it does typically land on the “most stressful” jobs lists. Personally, after I realized I enjoyed turning rejection into challenges, I was meant for the fast-pace, my DNA speaks PR and was a tad-bit crazy (requirement in our industry), there was no turning back. With any job there are challenges but for me there are so many more fantastic reasons to be a publicist and work in the PR field.

Here are 15 reasons why I love what we do:

1. Get to tell stories

2. Never a dull moment

3. Making an impact

4. Get to work with interesting companies, brands and people

5. Enjoy challenges

6. Seeing results

7. Team collaboration

8. Solving problems is satisfying

9. Socializing is part of the job

10. Working out your brain every day

11. Never stop learning

12. Flex creative muscles

13. Perks are real

14. We are professional stalkers and proud of it

15. PR really does matter

We have the opportunity to communicate with so many people – from media to clients and partners of companies to internally with team members and management at all levels. We become networkers to the highest level always developing out the latest “who you know” network, which can be priceless not only in business, but also in life.

Every single day in the world of PR is a workout. Seriously, our brains are ALWAYS on and we are ALWAYS connected. The profession sounds intense (and it is), but it raises me up! It keeps my mind opened and the creativity flowing. It pushes me to be better professionally and personally. It is hard work that brings great satisfaction. 

In PR, our team has the opportunity to work with some incredible individuals. They are leaders, innovators, decision makers, and entrepreneurs. They trust us with their brand. They inspire me as a business owner, they empower me as leader, and the best part of it all - I get to call these clients friends. 

At KC Projects the end goal is results but our first priority is to achieve complete trust with and for our clients. We work with the highest integrity of pushing their brand, their product, their message forward.

Doing PR for over 14 years has opened the door to great opportunities but most of all it is the interesting people that have crossed my path who inspire me most. Every day I am growing in every sense, as a publicist, as a worker, as a boss, as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother and as a person. My “who you know” network is ever-evolving. I couldn’t be more excited to where it will take me or who it will introduce me to next. This is why I chose PR or better yet PR chose me!