History tells us these traits are all symbolized by the regal PEACOCK and its richly colored feather.
At KC Projects, we’ve always seen this storied bird as an embodiment of our work.

The peacock walks at its own pace, silently captivating an audience.
It fans out magnificent plumage at just the moment onlookers want to see it most.

Feathers reveal the “ALL SEEING EYE,”
renowned through ancient societies as a source of
wisdom, power and all things beautiful.


Like the peacock, we have a knack for timing and an eye for beauty.
We bring a fresh perspective, solving problems and identifying client needs.
As public relations practitioners, we are your advocate and ambassador,
providing our clients a gateway to carefully cultivated media contacts.

We build brands and maintain them through
media relations and digital PR.
And when it’s appropriate, we can lead you on a classy strut, just like the PEACOCK.