{Happy Clients}

“KC Projects has been a wonderful addition to the building of my brand. Krista Conlin and her team have been tireless in promoting and I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Taylor Hicks

“ServisFirst Bank and KC Projects have developed an effective partnership over the years. Krista Conlin and her team’s prompt response and attention to detail gives us the peace of mind that our message is accurate and consistent.”

Tom Broughton, President/CEO of SERVISFIRST BANK

“Krista Conlin is as good at her job as anyone out there. Her work
ethic, moral value, and leadership affects everyone around her and
makes them better at what they are doing.”

Alex Sokol, Co-Founder of ALABAMA FOREVER

“The team at KC projects provides my Wealth Management firm with the utmost in professional and thorough service. They have transformed my Firm into one that is on the cutting edge of client interaction through social media.  They have also used their PR skills to bring accolades to our Firm which has resulted in an increased percentage of new clients. I highly recommend the team at KC Projects as I am confident you will receive an elite level of service from this first-class marketing and PR firm.”

Michael Mullis, Managing Partner OF KELLEY & MULLIS WEALTH MANAGEMENT

“I would recommend KC Projects without reservation to any business, organization or individual who is in need of Public Relations assistance. They are professional, effective and deliver on what they promise. In addition, their positive spirit makes working together a satisfying experience.

I have worked with every KC Projects staff member in some form or fashion over the past few years and have found each of them to be highly responsive and accessible, which are two qualities I find most important. On behalf of the many organizations & events I represent, I congratulate and thank KC Projects for always going above and beyond and giving us their best!

I am honored to recommend KC Projects to other prospective clients and always look forward to the opportunity to work with them in the future.”

Denise Lovoy Koch, Owner/Project Manger, Denise Koch Events, LLC.

“When I approached KC Projects about taking on the role of our PR agency for Birmingham Fashion Week I was more than ready to pass the torch. Like many other small business owners that juggle numerous responsibilities within their companies one of the numerous roles I had taken on was that of the public relations and branding side of Birmingham Fashion Week. I quickly found myself spinning my wheels and wasting my time because I did not have the resources nor connections with the media outlets to effectively promote Birmingham Fashion Week. After being referred to KC Projects by a friend, I met with Krista, Alicia and Maree to convey our goals and aspirations for Birmingham Fashion Week and not only did they listen, but they challenged and questioned with an intent focus and knowledge that l have never before experienced. From their understanding of our business, KC Projects has taken our brand to the next level through their innovative tactics that utilize communication across digital and traditional channels. This past February, during the 2nd Annual Birmingham Fashion Week, the KC Projects team was so organized, so efficient, so effective and most importantly so well connected. KC Projects seamlessly handled everything from the press releases, to the nightly press conferences, to the pre and post show media coverage. In doing so, KC Projects allowed me to focus on my numerous task and responsibilities throughout the week long event. Their ability to communicate our brand effectively has made a real impact. It is impossible to put into words how much they have truly done for usI I am forever grateful to KC Projects for telling our story and moving us forward.”

Jeana Lee Fleming, Co-Founder Birmingham Fashion Week

“Krista Conlin and her team at KC Projects were instrumental in getting the message we wanted about our company to our target market. Honest, thorough and done in the right way.”

Mike Douglas

“From our inception, less than two years ago, KC Projects has played an extremely vital role in our business affairs.  Alabama Forever simply would not be where we are today without their hard work.  This team is always there to help.  I move pretty fast and they are usually a step ahead of me.  There is no one in their field that even compares to their professionalism, tactfulness, and resources.”

Alex Sokol, Co-Founder of ALABAMA FOREVER

“Working with KC Projects is quite unique. We never feel like just a client. The experience is more like a partnership as they care as much about our business as we do. They are incredibly responsive and always full of great ideas. We have worked with KC Projects since their first day in business. They have grown incredibly quickly. But even more impressive, the firm has managed the growth very, very well and only seems to get better. Through all the growth, they still make us feel like their most important client.”

William Dobbins, Principal of Dobbins Group